Rev. Penny Crosson PH.D., MRT
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Nondenominational Minister
Doctor of Religion Specializing in Spiritual Awareness

Reiki Practitioner & Master Teacher

(432) 528-9534



My Practice and Philosophy

My practice has undergone several changes in the past year. One is that I am no longer working as a massage therapist, spiritual counselor, meditation teacher, or teaching yoga.

 Since the focus of my practice has turned even more toward ways in which to calm the mind and heal the spirit, I place a greater emphasis on Reiki treatments and classes. When you know how to perform a Reiki treatment, you can influence your life in a positive, loving way.

 Another change I have made is that I no longer have an office, but, instead, will come to your home.  If you want a Reiki treatment or to take a class, I can bring a massage table for our work, but it isnít necessary.  Reiki is just as effective with you sitting in a chair and you can learn to give treatments with your subject sitting rather than lying down just as easily, probably more so!

 If you are planning to marry and do not have a preferred officiant, I hope you will keep me in mind. It was an honor for me to be included in several weddings over the past few years, each one personalized and as individual as the couples who married. I dearly love performing wedding and commitment ceremonies and would be honored to preside at yours!

 Lastly, to take care of yourself, - to focus and clear your mind while you calm and heal your heart - is the least selfish thing you can do for your family and friends. If you are the one who is depended upon to keep things together and then you collapse due to frustration, anger, fear or illness, what happens to the whole unit? It will collapse as well. I strongly encourage you to learn how to take control of your emotions before they control you, and to begin, or continue, your study of the spirituality that lives inside us all and to work with it in your own way. By doing so, you will give a great gift to yourself and your loved ones.

 Please look through the pages of my website for further explanation of the services I offer and call for an appointment. Let this be the day you put yourself on the schedule.


Contact Information

432 528-9534
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